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  • US Broadband Speeds are bad and getting worse, according to the Communications Workers of America. As reported in Ars Technica, most households' connect to the internet at only 1.9 Mbps. In Canada, the average connection speed is 7.6 Mbps, in Japan, 61 Mpbs.

  • Time Magazine is running a story on DRM, and makes a number of good arguments for protection-free sales. From the article:

    "Almost everybody owns a little stolen music. But a little piracy can be a good thing. Sure, O.K., I ripped the audio of the Shins' Phantom Limb off a YouTube video. But on the strength of that minor copyright atrocity, I legally bought two complete Shins albums and shelled out for a Shins concert. The legit market feeds off the black market. Music execs just need to figure out how to live with that."

  • Another story from Ars Technica. Major League Baseball is saying that Sling Box, a device that allows users to pipe TV signals to their computers, violates MLB contracts with broadcasters. From Ars, "The fact that Slingbox owners are watching content--encrypted to hinder piracy--that they paid for (or free, over-the-air transmissions in many cases) is irrelevant to the major leagues."

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