Introducing The Internet Blueprint


The protests surrounding SOPA and PIPA were a great moment in the history of technology advocacy. If nothing else, they proved that the internet-using public can rise up and say “NO” to really bad ideas.  However, we all know that “no” is not good enough.

That is why we are proud to introduce The Internet Blueprint

In the weeks since SOPA and PIPA, many people have been wondering “what now?” Policymakers here in DC ask us a similar question – “if you don’t like SOPA and PIPA, where are your ideas?” Today, The Internet Blueprint is the first step in answering that question. If lawmakers want to pass laws to make the internet a better place, this is where they should start.

Bills With Details

While it can be reasonably easy to get people to agree on broad principles, conflict can often come when it is time to focus on details. That is especially true when it comes to legislative language – a single word (or even a single comma) can change the impact of a bill. That is why The Internet Blueprint goes beyond broad concepts and proposes concrete legislative language. The bills on The Internet Blueprint could be introduced and passed as-is.

The Internet Blueprint is a place for everyone – individuals, organizations, and companies – to come together and make it clear what is important to them. When you visit the site, the first thing you will see is a list of complete bills. Along with the text there is a headline, a short explanation, and a more detailed explanation of both the problem and our solution.

A Network of Supporters 

Each bill will also have supporters. These are people who publicize their support via social media. They are also the organizations and companies that are standing behind the bill. As organizations and companies have an opportunity to evaluate the bills, expect these numbers to grow.

The bill will also have congressional champions. These are Members of Congress who support the bills.  These champions will get additional recognition when they actually introduce or co-sponsor the bill. And that is the first place we need your help. If you see a bill you like, please take a moment to click through and sign the petition urging your Representative and Senators to support it.

Great Ideas That Are Not Yet Bills

The second place we need your help is the most important part of the site. We have lots of ideas about how to make the internet a better place, but we need more. If you see something is missing from the list, propose an addition. If enough people support the idea, we will take a look and see how to turn it into a bill.  We can’t promise that every idea that gets a lot of support will be turned into a bill, but we can promise you this: if the idea does not become a bill, we will explain exactly why we could not do it.

Moving Forward

And that’s The Internet Blueprint, at least for now. Expect to see more bills, more endorsers, more congressional champions in the days and weeks ahead. Also expect more features. If you have ideas for ways to make the site better, please send us an email at  Enjoy the site!

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