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Learn more about why the FCC must extend the 2.5 GHz Rural Tribal Priority Window.

Tell Congress to Let Libraries Fight Back

Learn more about how Congress can empower libraries to have and lend a digital collection, just as they can with physical media.

Tell Congress to Include Broadband in Pandemic Stimulus Bills

Learn more about our proposals to help America stay connected during the crisis.

Tell Congress to Create a Regulatory Agency for Digital Platforms

Learn more about our proposals to tackle regulation of Big Tech.

Tell the FCC to Protect States’ Broadband Funding

Learn more about the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Order, and what needs to change.

Tell Congress to Make the Copyright Office Review Artist Termination Rights

Learn more about what termination rights mean for creators.

Tell Congress: Say No To The CASE Act!

Learn why the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act will hurt artists.

Tell Congress to Protect Internet Freedom

Send a letter to your members of Congress telling them you won’t stand for copyright policies like the Copyright Directive in the U.S.

Tell Congress to Save Net Neutrality

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Tell Congress to Protect Our Information

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the Equifax breach, unauthorized access to personal data is out of control, and Congress needs to act.

Tell Us and the FCC: What Are Your #TrueCableCosts?

Learn more about how much you are paying per year on unreasonable set-top box fees.

Tell Congress to Fix the DMCA

Learn more about Section 1201 and why the Copyright Office process needs to stop here.