Contribute to the Fight for Online Privacy and Net Neutrality

In March 2017, in a stunning move that shocked Americans nationwide, Congress voted to use the Congressional Review Act to roll back the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband privacy rules. President Trump signed the bill into law on April 3rd, officially dismantling broadband privacy.

These common-sense privacy protections prevented broadband providers from giving away or selling our online behavior without our consent. They required Internet Service Providers to obtain our permission before selling our browsing history, app usage, and location data to the highest bidder. The new protections also mandated that carriers notify us -- their paying customers -- in the event of a data breach.

Congress sold Americans out by striking down these rules, and they’re targeting net neutrality next.

In the days, weeks, and months to come, Public Knowledge will continue representing your interests in Washington, D.C. by combating bad deals, voicing your concerns, and holding lawmakers and the President accountable for policies that makes it harder and more expensive for Americans to connect and communicate.

But we cannot win this fight alone. We are relying on our supporters to help contribute to the major fights ahead, including broadband privacy and net neutrality. Please donate what you can as we continue pressuring President Trump to do what’s right for the people -- and not just ISPs.

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