Join Us in the Fight for Broadband Competition

At Public Knowledge, we have spent years fighting for a competitive and affordable marketplace for consumers. In 2017, we have renewed that commitment, as we see growing costs and outrageous rip-offs that are hurting Americans.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is leading the charge to provide giveaways to monopolies and duopolies, and to take away choices and raise prices for consumers. The broadband marketplace is a stark example of too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.

Consumers deserve more choices and affordable access to high-speed broadband, the basic communications network of the 21st century that connects us to not just phones, but also video content, news, and online services for jobs, healthcare, and education. Chairman Pai needs to know that Americans will not stand for giveaways to Big Telecom -- and will fight for competition.


Spread the word, share our video, and continue to follow us for updates as we take action against Chairman Pai’s anti-competitive, anti-consumer agenda.



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