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Despite public outrage and Congressional pressure, Chairman Ajit Pai succeeded in his repeal of vital net neutrality rules at the Federal Communications Commission’s last open meeting of 2017. This attack on the open internet also rolled back Title II classification of broadband and abdicated the FCC’s regulatory authority over the internet to the Federal Trade Commission.

We may have lost the vote at the FCC, but the fight isn’t over yet. Chairman Pai ignored the will of the public, but members of Congress cannot ignore their constituents without electoral consequences. Congress can and must act to reinstate the FCC’s authority as the expert agency to enforce true net neutrality than bans blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization

There is another course of action beyond Congress: Challenging the repeal in court. Public Knowledge has already filed a legal challenge against this decision, and we have a long, successful history of standing up for net neutrality rules and enforcement in court. We are prepared to make a strong case for overturning the FCC’s Order repealing net neutrality rules. As a nonprofit organization, any donation you can provide for our legal fund will help greatly.


Here’s what you can do to help:

Contact Congress: Use the call tool above to contact your members of Congress.

DonateSupport Public Knowledge’s legal work by contributing online here.

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This fight is far from over, and we are prepared to continue our long-term commitment to defending an open and accessible internet for all.

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