Best Bits

Best Bits is a coalition of key civil society organizations from across the world working to promote an open and free internet. Members come together to highlight their various initiatives and foster mutual learning and broader engagement. They promote a positive agenda for advancing civil society interests in internet governance.

Public Knowledge actively engages and participates in discussions via the Best Bits mailing list and committees, and helps coordinate events to increase collaboration and strategic coordination among public interests groups from every continent. Public Knowledge has helped develop statements on major topics related to internet governance which were delivered at core internet governance events.

Recently PK signed on to support Best Bits’ statement on the draft outcome document from NETmundial, the international multi-stakeholder internet governance conference held in Sao Paulo, Brazil this past April. Public Knowledge helped organize an international civil society planning meeting for the conference, which played a supportive role with other civil society organizations from around the world. For the full list of Best Bits statements that Public Knowledge has signed on to, please visit For relevant events see You can join Best Bits by subscribing to the mailing list.