5 Minutes With Harold Feld: The National Broadband Plan

June 9, 2009 , , , ,

Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re launching a new video series here at Public Knowledge: “5 Minutes With Harold Feld”. As you may recall, Harold joined our staff back in March and has since taken the helm as our Legal Director. Harold brings with him years of experience in the media reform space, not to mention a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of Congress, the FCC and the courts. In this series, he’ll be explaining complicated topics concisely, in layperson’s terms.

In our first episode, Harold tackles the National Broadband Plan. As part of the Stimulus Act, Congress authorized the FCC to develop a plan for bringing fast, affordable broadband Internet access to all Americans. Harold explains the significance of the plan and details Public Knowledge’s suggestions to the FCC regarding the National Broadband Plan (a full-text PDF of our comments, as filed with the FCC, can be found here). Take it away, Harold: