Hockey Slapshot Upstages Baseball

June 6, 2007 ,

Not long ago, we posted a story about how the powers that be in Major League Baseball were grousing about the Slingbox device which actually allows more people to watch their favorite teams play.

According to the Wall Street Journal, MLB still doesn't like the place-shifting abilities of Sling, but is backing off for now of threats from law suits. Perhaps the universally negative coverage of the controversy from the tech press, including Network World, CNET's Charles Cooper,
Engadget, as well as the Huffington Post, and many other sites, persuaded Major League Baseball to see the error of their ways.

Now comes the National Hockey League, to show how it's done. Granted, this is hockey, which, while otherwise is recovering nicely from its lockout of the 2004-2005 season, hasn't seen much growth in its TV ratings.

The NHL and Sling just announced an agreement that will allow clips of games to be shared. It's a refreshing alliance of technology and sports, a model from which others should learn.