Net Neutrality Day II

February 7, 2006

Lots of net Net Neutrality going on today, as well. Perhaps it will end up being Net Neutrality week?!

  • The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on the topic. Google's Vint Cerf and Prof. Larry Lessig did a great job standing up for the internet principles. Additionally, Gary Bachula of Internet2 gave us a view of what the internet could be if telco's kept it simple: side stepped the discrimination and just pumped bandwidth. Take a look at the webcast, make sure not to skip the second panel witnesses.

  • Daniel Berninger had a great op-ed on Om Malik's blog regarding net neutrality and why the internet won't be the internet without it.

  • There have been a bunch of articles on this in the past 24 hours on net neutrality, and we try to update you on them all. Check out Art's Breaking News for the latest headlines, or you could even subscribe to the Breaking News RSS feed.