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PK Experts Answer Your Burning Questions on Net Neutrality and Title II

February 13, 2015 , ,

After the leak of FCC Chairman Wheeler's plan for net neutrality last week, it was apparent that the excitement also brought with it a lot of confusion. Public Knowledge decided to host a Ask Me Anything forum (AMA) on Reddit to try and help alleviate any confusion. We told people to ask us anything they were curious about – even such divisive questions such as dog's or cats – and we promised to do our best to answer. PK experts John Bergmayer, Edyael Casaperalta, Kate Forscey, Jodie Griffin, Chris Lewis, Sherwin Siy, and Michael Weinberg answered a wide range of questions from Redditors. 

We were thrilled with the response to our Reddit AMA last week—we received some excellent questions from hundreds of participants. (We even achieved front page status, landing at #5 on the top-rated pages!) Common themes from the questions included how Title II truly works, what this will mean for consumer costs, and what interferences from ISPs and Congress we can expect. 

Earlier this week, FCC Commissioner Pai denounced Title II and Chairman Wheeler’s proposal, and we noticed this resulted in many of the same questions and confusions. We are working hard to address and clarify these questions, and wanted to share some of our Reddit answers to help. Check out some of our top questions and answers from the Reddit AMA below.

To check out more of the questions and answers, you can read the whole Reddit thread here. There will be even more questions when the FCC votes on these rules at the end of the month. We will be doing a follow up AMA on Friday, February 27th at a time to be determined. Come ask us anything and join in the conversation! 

How Title II Works:

Consumer Impact:

Implementation and Next Steps:


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