Public Knowledge Says GOP Support for AT&T ‘Comes At A Price’ — Company Promotes Fundraiser for Pro

September 20, 2011 ,

The following is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

“It is a shame even at this late date that Members of Congress are willing to endorse claims by AT&T that have been proven false.  The transaction will not help rural areas.  It will not create jobs.  There is no settlement agreement that could remedy the harms this transaction would cause.  But the situation gets even worse.

“Today’s House Republican letter is yet another indication that AT&T’s Congressional support for its takeover of T-Mobile comes at a price.  In this case, the total is close to $1,000,000.  That’s how much the company gave to members of Congress who signed the letter and who are willing to allow their constituents to be subjected to a wireless market controlled by only two huge companies.

“And that total could go higher.  Even before Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) released his letter today, AT&T lobbyists were sending out invitations urging attendance at a fundraiser for Olson to be held this Thursday under the headline, ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone!'”