Summer Intern John Bergmayer

May 31, 2007 ,

My name is John Bergmayer, and I am a summer intern here at Public Knowledge. I am a student at the University of Colorado Law School. Issues such as the ones Public Knowledge works on are what drove me to law school in the first place. Law is the place where technology, culture, and policy collide. I wanted to be more than a rubbernecker.

I'm here in DC for the summer, but normally I live in Boulder, Colorado with my girlfriend, Susie, my dog, Edmund, and Meow Zedong and Paw the cats. In addition to law, I am interested in technology, literature, music, Macintosh computers, and BMX. I'll be working on (and blogging about) communications and intellectual property issues. More over here.

I am grateful to Public Knowledge for giving me the chance to work on the issues that really animate me this summer. I would also like to thank Patton Boggs. This summer, I am working as a Patton Boggs Foundation Public Policy fellow. The Patton Boggs Foundation fellowship is awarded to exceptional law students who will spend their summers working on public policy matters for either a non-profit institution or a government agency, and is designed to help create new and valuable opportunities in the public policy field for tomorrow's attorneys.

I would also like thank Dale Hatfield as well as Brad Bernthal, Phil Weiser, and the Silicon Flatirons program, for introducing me to Public Knowledge and for awarding me the Dale Hatfield Summer 2007 Public Interest Work in Technology Issues Fellowship. The fellowship is part of the Dale Hatfield Scholars and Research Program, which promotes the values that Dale has embodied during his distinguished career.

About John Bergmayer

John Bergmayer is Legal Director at Public Knowledge, specializing in telecommunications, media, internet, and intellectual property issues. He advocates for the public interest before courts and policymakers, and works to make sure that all stakeholders — including ordinary citizens, artists, and technological innovators — have a say in shaping emerging digital policies.