The Public Knowledge Interview: Set Top Boxes at CES

January 20, 2010 , , , ,

As you may have noticed, Public Knowledge spent some time at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. While we wandered the floor with the best of them, we also found time to talk with some of the people who are trying to bring Internet video to your TV.

Syabas (Popbox)

The first company we spoke with was Syabas, the makers of both Popcorn Hour and Popbox. Both of these products help consumers bring Internet video to their TV screen. In the video, the guys from Syabas talk about how Internet video relates to traditional MVPD content, the future of cable television, when a monitor and a TV are different (even though they are the same), and why it is so hard for one site to monopolize online distribution.

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MIPS doesn’t actually make any set top boxes, but they design the chips that run a majority of them. MIPS spoke with us about the value of universal standards in bringing content to consumers, and how some new technologies (such as Google’s Android) might help bring some unity into a world that has traditionally had as many standards as operators.

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Zinnet (brite-View)

The people who make Brite View described their experience with bringing YouTube to customers’ TV and talked about what consumers really want.

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And Finally

As I mentioned above, Public Knowledge did spend some time wandering the CES floor. Behold printers, TV visors, machines that print your face on your fingernail, disturbing therapeutic seals, and much more!

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