This Bill Seriously Screws with the Internet

October 27, 2011

In January, 2012, both PIPA and SOPA were shelved.
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H.R. 3261, The “Stop Online Piracy Act”, or #SOPA would have allowed the government to “suspend operation of, and lock, the domain name” of websites “dedicated to infringing activity.”  

There are a number of serious issues with the way PIPA and SOPA try to tackle the legitimate concern of websites that infringe copyright:

  • No one favors the theft of intellectual property.
  • They sweep in every site that includes links, not just the “worst of the worst.”
  • They include a private right of action with few protections from abuse.
  • PIPA removes innovators’ ability to fight back when incumbents threaten intermediaries.
  • DNS blocking sanctions government interference with the internet, making the internet more censored, akin to that of China and Syria.

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