Post Net Neutrality

Where Net Neutrality and Government Copyright Policies Come Together

September 10, 2014 , ,

As you probably noticed, we’ve been doing a lot of writing about net neutrality recently.  You may also have noticed that we’ve been doing a lot of writing about how works created by the U.S. Government are not eligible for copyright protection and in the public domain.  Well hold on to your hats, because this video brings those two things together.


Yesterday, the U.S. State Department released a video about global internet governance.  In addition to explaining what is going on with global internet governance, it is full of great animations that you might expect in an internet advocacy-type video.  Since the video is a work of the U.S. State Department and therefore in the public domain, those animations are freely available for anyone to use however they see fit.

And how did we see fit?  We turned them into a net neutrality video.  It turns out the animations lend themselves pretty well to talking about net neutrality.

But that may not be the highest use of these animations.  Here is a link that will let you download the video yourself.  Hit us up on twitter or facebook if you do something cool with it.