Call for Applications for Equal Justice Works Fellowship

Public Knowledge Opportunity to Submit Equal Justice Works Fellowship Application for 2020-2022 Term

On June 20, 2019, Equal Justice Works opened its application process for two-year fellowships that begin in September of 2020. Public Knowledge encourages rising third year law students and others who qualify to submit an application for an EJW fellowship with PK as a host. The deadline to apply is September 20, 2019.

Public Knowledge has a robust fellowship program and hosts fellows each year with a variety of sponsors. PK provides fellows with diverse and substantive experiences from legal research and writing to advocating before policy makers. Fellows also receive mentoring and are part of a peer group.

EJW requires applicants to design a new project that focuses on legal advocacy on behalf of disenfranchised individuals, groups, or issues not adequately represented in our legal system. Candidates must have a demonstrated interest in public interest work and internet and communications issues.

Public Knowledge promotes freedom of expression, an open internet, and access to affordable communications tools and creative works both in the U.S. and globally. We work to shape policy on behalf of the public interest. Applications must suggest projects that are within or closely related to PK’s issue areas.  

More information on the application process can be found here

If you are interested in applying with a Public Knowledge project, please submit the following to Public Knowledge by August, 29, 2017:

Contact information: name, address, phone number

School information: your current year and your law school name

Background information: your resume

Project concept: considering all the factors in the EJF Fellowship Application Guide at this linksubmit a concept to PK of less than two pages for development of a fellowship proposal.

Your personal interest: explain your demonstrated commitment to public interest work

To submit: send this information by email to this address

If you are selected, Public Knowledge will work with you support your application to EJW, and a new job description will be created. Applications are due to EJW September 27, 2017.

For your reference only, below is a general fellowship job description at PK.


Public Knowledge Fellowship Position Description

Position: Policy Fellow

Location: Washington, DC

Position Summary:

The Fellow will promote fundamental human rights in the digital economy by creating and executing strategies to promote the open internet, balanced intellectual property rights, and communications competition. The Fellowship term is two years and will be served at Public Knowledge.  

Essential Responsibilities and Tasks:

Provide input, strategy advice, and advocacy to shape laws and regulations that support open Internet policy, communications competition, and balanced intellectual property law.

Serve as lead author on advocacy arguments that support public interest positions.

Partner with government relations and communications staff to develop and execute strategy on Capitol Hill, at the Federal Communications Commission, with other government agencies, in coalitions including other public interest groups in the U.S. and globally, and with the press.

Oversee, design, and facilitate development of presentations for meetings with policymakers, the press, internal staff, and other public interest groups.

Develop expertise in a select set of national, global, and where appropriate, state-based Internet technology or related policy issues.

Other responsibilities and tasks, as needed.

Required Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:

Juris Doctor from an accredited law school.

Ability to digest and understand underlying legal or policy documents as a prerequisite to strategic and policy planning.

Strong analytical skills, including the ability to think quickly and devise legislative and political strategies to attain a projected outcome.

Substantive knowledge of some communications law and policy issues.

Ability to conduct research and analyze data.


Demonstrated dedication to the fight for civil liberties, human rights, and a more open and competitive communications environment.

Excellent communications skills, including the ability to translate complex ideas into understandable written and oral statements and messages to persuade, influence, or inform others, including public opinion opinion leaders and the media.