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Ex Parte on Incentive Auctions FCC Filing Spectrum Reform
Tech Transition Group Letter to FCC Chairman Wheeler Letter Tech Transition
PK and EFF brief in Biosig v. Nautilus, En Banc Rehearing Petition Amicus Brief Patent Reform
PK, EFF, OSHWA, DRTR, PC Amicus Curiae Brief in Lexmark v. Impression Products Amicus Brief Patent Reform
PK and EFF amicus brief in McRO v. Bandai Amicus Brief Patent Reform
PK Amicus Brief in In re Tam Amicus Brief
Letter to UN General Assembly to Secure Multistakeholderism Letter International
Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee on PATENT Act Letter Patent Reform
Intervenors Opposition to Stay As Filed on Net Neutrality Legal Filing Net Neutrality
Public Knowledge Letter to New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission on Reviewing App Updates Letter Video Marketplace

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