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Amicus Brief in Cisco v Arista Amicus Brief
Amicus Brief for NAAAOM and ESN v. Charter Amicus Brief
Comments on Proposed Exemption Under Section 1201: Avionics Official Comments Anticircumvention
Comments on Proposed Exemption Under Section 1201: Video Game Preservation Official Comments Anticircumvention
Letter to Department of Justice Requesting Review Comcast/NBCU Consent Decree Letter Competition
Professor Carl Shapiro’s Statement for Senate Judiciary Hearing on Antitrust Testimony Competition
PK Statement for Hearing on The Consumer Welfare Standard in Antitrust Testimony Competition
Consumer Groups Petition for Review Legal Filing National Network Upgrade
Principles for Privacy Legislation White Paper Broadband Privacy
Group, NYC FCC Letter Request for Delay of Net Neutrality Vote Letter Net Neutrality

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