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Title Type Issues Published
Consumer Group Verizon Tracfone FCC Filing Opposition to Streamlining FCC Filing Spectrum Reform Oct 20, 2020
AT&T Response Letter to California Public Utilities Commission Re: Terminating DSL Service FCC Filing 3060 3044 Oct 14, 2020
AT&T IPDSL/ADSL to Fiber Migration and DSL Sales Stop FCC Filing 3060 3044 Oct 14, 2020
NDIA, CWA AT&T Digital Redlining Report FCC Filing 3060 3044 Oct 14, 2020
Group FCC Remand Order Ex Parte Filing on AT&T Terminating DSL FCC Filing 3060 3044 Oct 14, 2020
Promoting Broadband Competition Factsheet Education One-Pager Rural Broadband Access Oct 09, 2020
Group 706 Reply Comments FCC Filing Rural Broadband Access Oct 07, 2020
Group Amicus Brief on California SB 822 Net Neutrality State Law Amicus Brief Net Neutrality Oct 01, 2020
House Judiciary Antitrust Remedies Hearing Letter Letter Platform Competition Sep 29, 2020
Public Knowledge House Judiciary Testimony on Section 512 of DMCA Testimony Copyright Reform Sep 29, 2020