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Title Type Issues Published
Petition to Support FCC’s Proposed Indoor Requirements and Revisions to Existing E911 Rules Letter Tech Transitions Nov 18, 2014
CTC and Horrigan Reports Cover Letter Letter Broadband Nov 13, 2014
Smartphones and Broadband: Tech users see them as complements and very few would give up their home Report Broadband Nov 13, 2014
The State of the Art and Evolution of Cable Television and Broadband Technology Report Broadband Nov 13, 2014
Consumers and choice in the Broadband and wireless markets Report Broadband Nov 13, 2014
Amicus Curiae Brief in Oracle v. Google Amicus Brief Copyright Reform Nov 07, 2014
Letters to Senators on STAVRA Letter Video Marketplace Nov 06, 2014
Consumers and the IP Transition: Communications patterns in the midst of technological change Report Tech Transitions Nov 05, 2014
Consumers and the IP Transition Report Summary Education One-Pager Tech Transitions Nov 04, 2014
Petition for a Proposed Exemption Under 17 USC 1201: 3D Printing Legal Filing Anticircumvention Nov 03, 2014