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Petition for a Proposed Exemption Under 17 USC 1201: DVD Circumvention Legal Filing Anticircumvention Nov 03, 2014
FOIA response data on Alice v. CLS Bank Letter FOIA response data on Alice v. CLS Bank Oct 30, 2014
Brief of PK and EFF in ClearCorrect v. ITC Amicus Brief Patent Reform Oct 16, 2014
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference Education One-Pager Global Oct 09, 2014
The Transfer of IANA Functions to the Global Community Education One-Pager Global Oct 03, 2014
PK Comments on USPTO Trial Proceedings Official Comments Patent Reform Sep 30, 2014
Comments of Public Knowledge on Strategy for American Innovation Official Comments Copyright Reform Sep 24, 2014
Public Knowledge Petition to Deny on AT&T/DirecTV Merger Legal Filing Video Marketplace Sep 16, 2014
Public Knowledge STAVRA Letter Letter Public Knowledge STAVRA Letter Sep 16, 2014
Public Knowledge and EFF Additional Comments on the Right of Making Available Legal Filing Copyright Reform Sep 16, 2014