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Title Type Issues Published
The FCC IP Transition Trials Tech Transitions Mar 14, 2014
Rural Communities and the Phone Network Transition Tech Transitions Mar 14, 2014
Rewind, Reclaim: Copyright Termination in the Music Business Music Licensing Mar 11, 2014
The Phone Network Transition: Lessons From Fire Island Tech Transitions Mar 07, 2014
Amicus Brief of EFF and Public Knowledge in Nautilus v. Biosig Patent Reform Mar 04, 2014
Amicus Brief in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Patent Reform Feb 26, 2014
Principles for a Balanced Copyright Policy Amicus Brief Copyright Reform May 21, 2012
Know Your Limits: Considering the Role of Data Caps and Usage Based Billing in Internet Access Service Data Caps Apr 23, 2012
Letter to CEOs on Data Caps Data Caps Apr 23, 2012
4G + Data Caps = Magic Beans White Paper Data Caps Oct 12, 2011