Creating A Cybersecurity “Energy Star” for Our Connected Future


Public Knowledge
1818 N St. NW, Suite 410
Washington DC, 20036

This #DCCyberWeek roundtable discussion will focus on a working paper outlining how the United States might develop an “Energy Star” label for consumer-grade internet-of-things products. We’ll provide an advance copy of the draft paper to all participants and an opportunity for feedback during the roundtable. (Update: Please email if you are attending the event but have not yet received the draft.)

We’ll discuss key areas from the paper, including technical elements to developing a certification process for a label, the potential role government (federal or state) could play, and possible incentives for encouraging stakeholders to implement a cybersecurity labeling program that benefits both consumers and the marketplace. (We’ll also provide snacks and coffee!)

The roundtable will operate under Chatham House Rule. We hope you’ll join the conversation.

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