OH/DC: Open Source Hardware Comes to DC


UPDATE: For video and audio of the event, click here


On April 20th, the world of open source hardware will come to the nation's capital.  Panels will explain what open source hardware is and how it is being used.  During the hands-on demonstration, you will be able to experience open source hardware projects yourself.  You will also be able to discuss the projects one-on-one with the people behind them.

So come to the Rayburn House Office Building on April 20th and see innovation first hand.  RSVP now for this free event!

1:00-1:15 – Registration (Rayburn House Office Building Room 2322)

1:15-1:25 – Introduction

1:25-2:40 – Panel 1: What is Open Source Hardware? (Rayburn House Office Building Room 2322)


2:40-3:30 – Panel 2: Open Source Hardware for Fun and Profit (Rayburn House Office Building Room 2322)


3:30-5:00 – Hands-on Demonstration: Experience Open Source Hardware First Hand (Rayburn Foyer)



LilyPad Arduino



MakerBot Industries


The Rascal


The Resistor Jeltone

Safecast Geiger Counter

Seeing Eye Gloves



Squishy Circuits

The Latest