Take Action on Net Neutrality

Help Prevent Fast Lanes on the Internet

The FCC is considering a net neutrality proposal that would undermine the basic openness of the internet by allowing a fast lane for those who can afford it – and a slow lane for the rest of us. Tell the FCC and Congress to give us real net neutrality protections and to protect an open internet. 

Here is our suggested text for your letter, which you will be able to write at Step 3 of the form below:

Dear Chairman Wheeler,
I write to demand real protections for a free and open internet.  The principle of net neutrality has been key to the growth of the internet.  The FCC must take steps to uphold this bedrock principle by adopting strong net neutrality rules that will survive the inevitable court challenge.
First and foremost, this means prohibiting fast lanes and slow lanes online.  Allowing ISPs to break the internet into fast and slow lanes is a recipe for stagnation online.  Instead of services succeeding based on the quality of their offering, the new test of success will be the ability to pay off ISPs to get into the lane that works.
In order to successfully prevent this splitting of the internet, I call on you to classify internet access as a Title II telecommunications service.  As the DC Circuit made clear, there is simply no way to effectively prohibit discrimination online without taking this step.
Do not let 2014 become the last good year for the internet.  I urge you to work quickly to adopt real, strong, net neutrality rules.
Thank you,
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