ACTION ALERT: Say No to Copyright Filtering in Broadband Stimulus

We just sent out an Action Alert to let you know about a proposed amendment to the stimulus package. This amendment, put forth by Sen. Feinstein, would allow ISPs to "deter" child pornography and copyright infringement through network management techniques. The amendment is very, very controversial for a couple of reasons:

  1. Infringement can’t be found through “network management” techniques. There are legal uses for copyrighted works even without permission of the owner.

  2. It would require Internet companies to examine every bit of information everyone puts on the Web in order to find those allegedly infringing works, without a hint of probable cause. That would be a massive invasion of privacy, done at the request of one industry, violating the rights of everyone who is online.

Please click here to fax or call five key Senators and tell them that this provision is a bad idea.

Although we have evidence that this was filed as an amendment, it is possible that the provision has already made its way into a the bill (we're still checking). If it is not in the bill, it's possible that it could be snuck-in in the closed-door non-transparent conference where the differences between the Senate and the House bills are hammered out.

So our work may not be done with this alert, we may need you to reach out again when the bill goes to conference. Stay tuned (and you can stay informed with our action alerts by signing up on our front page).

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