Chicago Digital Access Alliance proposes Digital Inclusion Principles

From Sascha Meinrath at MuniWireless, we learn that the Chicago Digital Access Alliance have developed a 10-point set of principles for every locale to consider when tackling the issue of municipal WiFi and digital inclusion in general.

Here's a quick rundown (remember, drafted specifically for Chicago):

  1. Digital excellence is an institutionally funded priority for Chicago.

  2. Sound planning, evaluation and policy measures are critical to digital divide evaluation and digital excellence impact.

  3. Universal access to high-speed connectivity is a public right and necessity.

  4. Digital literacy and fluency are forms of human capital and require public investment.

  5. Local infrastructure is necessary for community-driven content development.

  6. Hardware tools must be available to all.

  7. Environmentally sustainable best practices and innovations improve the health and well-being of all neighborhoods.

  8. Our freedom to connect demands network neutrality and active monitoring for equitable service.

  9. The global economy works for everyone: assure workforce development and first source hiring.

  10. In strong neighborhood economies, entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive.

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