Comcast: Beaten, But Not Defeated

Comcast has sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin clarifying last week’s announcement that they were in discussions with BitTorrent, Inc. about how to improve Comcast’s network management. In short: Comcast has “admitted” nothing, they do not “block” applications or “discriminate,” and the old system they say they will be replacing is still completely legitimate. It seems that Comcast thinks that the FCC needs to keep on investigating the petition as much as we do.

Hopefully, this letter will clear up some of the conflicting information reflected in the drastically different statements released by the FCC chairman and the other commissioners in the wake of Comcast’s announcement. If there was any doubt before, Comcast has just removed it, demonstrating to all that the problem has not gone away.

(And no, this is not an April Fools joke.)

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