Even More 3D Printing Interviews: Michael Curry and Andrew “Clothbot” Plumb


It is time for the last of the series of interviews with people in the 3D printing community I did in conjunction with our 3D printing whitepaper.

Michael Curry explains the background behind the "Mount Everest of Makerbot prints,” and testing the limits of home 3D printing technology.  He also discusses the difference between grassroots, open source 3D printing and its large-scale, commercial competition.

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Andrew Plumb, known in the 3D printing world as “Clothbot”, breaks down the “democratizing of access” that comes with 3D printing, and gives a bit of insight into the intellectual property issues surrounding the creation of “Lego-compatible" bricks.

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Be sure to check out our 3D Printing issue page for more!

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