FCC Moves Forward on Internet Service Blocking and Text Messaging Discrimination

Over the past few months, Public Knowledge, Free Press, Vuze, and several other like-minded organizations have filed petitions with the FCC asking for them to step up, stop ISPs and mobile carriers from blocking lawful communications, and enforce the consumer-friendly policies they adopted over two years ago. Monday, the FCC moved the process forward by asking the public to comment on all three petitions. Look for us to file comments in the coming weeks. You can have your voice heard, too, by filing your own comments; see below for details.

  • Request for comment (PDF) on our petition asking the FCC to clarify the regulatory status of text messaging and short codes and to declare that unjust and unreasonable discrimination is prohibited on both.
    [WT Docket No. 08-7; Comments due 2/13; Reply comments due 3/14]
    [Deadline Extended: Comments due 3/14; Reply comments due 4/14]

  • Request for comment (PDF) on Free Press's petition for a declaratory ruling that targeting and degrading certain protocols does not qualify as “reasonable network management.”
    [WT Docket No. 07-52; Comments due 2/13; Reply comments due 02/28]

  • Request for comment (PDF) on Vuze's petition asking the FCC for rules to prevent ISPs from blocking or degrading legal Internet applications.
    [WT Docket No. 07-52; Comments due 2/13; Reply comments due 02/28]

You can file comments using the FCC's electronic filing system; be sure to include the appropriate docket numbers and watch out for the deadlines!

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