Free the Airwaves: a TV whitespaces campaign to get you involved

A few weeks ago, Google organized and launched the Free the Airwaves campaign. PK, the other members of the Public Interest Spectrum Coalition, along with the Wireless Innovation Alliance are all in support of the campaign to get-out-the-word about the benefits of whitespaces and to get techies like you more involved in the effort.

If you don’t know what whitespaces is about, read up on our issue page and check out a couple of informative blog posts here and here. The idea is to use the unused TV channels for WiFi-like services—it will go a long way to provide broadband to the masses and spur innovation for new devices and services. Of course, one of the big pushes of Free the Airwaves is the YouTube channel where you can learn from the experts and people in the trenches to explain why use of TV whitespaces is so important. What’s great about this channel is that it gives you the ability to comment on these videos, and voice your opinion on the issue by making your own video.

Use the Free the Airwaves site to urge the FCC to allow unlicensed use of TV whitespaces. Fred Benenson has also setup an action on his Cause Caller for Free the Airwaves that lets you call Members of Congress for free.

You can see all the videos by scrolling through the player below:

Free the Airwaves is a UGC way to get involved and spread the word about this exciting technology. Sign up, write the FCC and call Congress, and make a video NOW!

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