Gigi on Telecom on C-Span and NPR

Our fearless leader, Gigi Sohn, has been talking to the press a lot in the past week.

First up, she was on C-Span’s The Communicators, chatting about net neutrality, broadband, wireless, and the 700Mhz auction. You can watch the video embedded below:

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You can subscribe to C-Span’s The Communicators via an audio podcast (RSS) as well, to keep up on the policy-spin from DC’s policy leaders.

Second is from NPR’s All Things Considered where she talks about today’s 700Mhz wireless auction and the impact on innovation in wireless communications and devices.

You can listen to that segment by clicking here and then clicking the “Listen Now” link (sorry kids, no easy embedded player from NPR).

Keep up the great work, Gigi!

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