Listen to this Podcast: Webcasting issue from Future of Music and This Week in Media

The folks over at TWiM do another great job of making a complex issue simple and even interesting to the casual listener. This time (MP3), it's on the topic of Internet Radio an the changes in compulsory licensing payments that threaten that diverse and independent method of distribution. They pull in net radio pioneer and MacBreak Weekly regular Scott Bourne and Pandora Founder Tim Westergren to discuss the history of the issue and discuss the current problems.

Although not technically in podcast form yet, the good folks over at Future of Music Coalition posted the video from their 2007 Technology and IP Policy Day held on May 2. There are two videos you should watch if you're interested in the topic: Radio Waves (Windows Media|Real) and a presentation made by David Carson (Windows Media|Real), Associate Register for Policy and International Affairs for the US Copyright Office.

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