Old Viacom doesn’t get it, new CBS does

You’ve probably read the news this morning about Viacom suing YouTube and Google for the videos users upload, some of which includes clips of Viacom’s content. We don’t think it makes a lot of sense. Users cannot only upload clips of main stream media’s content, they can comment on them, video comment on them, remix them as comment or criticism, etc. Despite the fair use argument, does it make much business sense to sue a website that likely makes you more money, not just potentially from ads, but from additional exposure and user/audience involvement. An involved and excited audience leads to more consumption, more eyeballs, and more revenue for the creator.

But lest you think it’s just us crazy DC policy wonks saying that Viacom is cutting off its nose to spite its face, listen to how CBS’ Les Moonves praises YouTube for its success, after splitting off from its former parent, Viacom:

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