Others Are Speaking Up About the New Copyright Enforcement Bill—You Can, Too


More groups are coming forward to express their concerns with the recently-introduced S. 3804, the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. We've raised our concerns in a letter, sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee and signed by several different library associations, public interest groups like CDT and EFF, and major trade associations like the Consumer Electronics Association, the Computer and Communications Industry Association, and NetCoalition. The same letter has also been endorsed by tech associations like the Association for Computing Machinery and EDUCAUSE, the association of college and university IT operators. Other technologists have weighed in as well, with a letter signed by 87 prominent Internet engineers also raises concerns about the bill's effects on the stability of the Internet's addressing system.

You can make your voice heard, as well. EFF has put together an action alert for you to contact your senator about this bill. DemandProgress.org has also put together a petition opposing the bill.

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