PK, EFF, Sue for ACTA Documents


Several weeks ago, PK and EFF asked the US Trade Representative to turn over documents on ACTA, the international agreement on counterfeiting that still hasn't been made public yet. After some back-and-forth, and even after narrowing the scope of the request, we still have yet to receive any documents from USTR, as required under the Freedom of Information Act.

So yesterday, the two groups filed suit against the USTR to compel them to process the request and turn over the documents. The complaint is available here.

A lack of openness has been one of the most pressing problems in the ACTA process—something noted by over 100 groups and individuals (including PK) in a letter sent to USTR earlier this week. Tech industry groups have also raised a series of concerns about ACTA, submitting their own letter in August.

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