PK Launches New Online Resource for Musicians

Ever since its inception, Public Knowledge has placed a premium on interaction with real artists of every stripe, including filmmakers, dancers, performance artists, photographers and musicians. For the past two years, Public Knowledge, supported by grants from the New York State Music Fund, has worked to educate musicians, and especially those from New York State, with workshops and an online tutorial that explains the basics of copyright law.

Today, I am proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive website that focuses specifically on musicians and what they need to know about copyright and technology law and policy. Topics include not only the basics of copyright law, but also issues of particular interest to musicians, including licensing, sampling and of course, net neutrality. We will also blog on copyright and technology policy issues related to musicians, and have planned a series of podcasts where musicians and innovators talk about the effect of copyright and new technologies on the music business.

While the website is called, it is intended to be a resource for all musicians. We will be adding content specifically geared towards musicians living and working in New York. That content will include updates on proposed New York state and local legislation and policy affecting musicians.

Kudos especially to Rashmi for the many hours of hard work she logged putting the website together. Thanks also to Mehan, Sherwin, Alex and Scott for their assistance as well.

Our press release announcing the launch is here.

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