PK’s Loss is OK’s Gain

Ann Oliverio is a name that only the closest friends of PK know well. She doesn't write blog posts, or sign comments at the FCC or make visits to the Hill. She isn't registered as a lobbyist and she isn't a panelist at the Future of Music Policy Conference in two weeks. No, Ann only has one big job at PK, and that is to make the organization function day in and day out. Which she has done with incredible skill, organization and class since April 2003, with a brief 6 month hiatus to serve our country in Iraq in 2004. Here is just a sampling of what Ann does for us: she plans and organizes the IP3 awards, maintains our files, assists me with grant reports and other fundraising, works with our insurers, bookkeepers, accountants and other contractors, plans PK Board meetings, prepares Board meeting materials, makes our travel plans and updates our massive databases. Oh, and she answers the phones too.

Ann is leaving us today to tend to her new garden in rural Oklahoma, and it is a great loss for both the organization and me personally. She has been a terrific colleague and a close friend and confidant. I know I speak for everyone on the Board and Staff of Public Knowledge in saying that she will be missed dearly. We wish her the best of luck in her new (and decidedly quieter) life.

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