Public Knowledge Commends FCC Chairman Genachowski For AT&T Takeover Action

The following statement is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

"It is entirely appropriate for FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to ask his colleagues to assign the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile for an administrative hearing. This is a course the Commission has taken before in similar circumstances, and there is no reason it should not do so now.

"Chairman Genachowski is to be applauded for standing up to AT&T's lobbying machine and moving forward to a hearing designation. We hope that the other Commissioners will follow the Chairman's lead and move swiftly to vote the hearing designation order.

"Public Knowledge has said since the Department of Justice filed its suit, the law clearly requires the FCC to hold an evidentiary hearing. As we have seen, the Commission has continually asked AT&T for information about many of the company's claims that the takeover is in the public interest.

"Having a formal, administrative hearing will allow AT&T to present publicly the evidence it thinks it has on any number of issues, up to and including, the claims that the takeover will result in the creation of jobs -- a result that would run contrary to every other takeover AT&T has engineered. There is ample evidence in the record that this deal would destroy jobs."

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