Public Knowledge Congratulates AT&T On Another Great Quarter—But It’s Still Cutting Jobs

The following is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

"This morning, top AT&T officials announced their third quarter financials, which included resurgent wired service results to go along with their wireless results.  The company also reported 13 percent increase in earnings per share.

"For the record, AT&T reports 256,210 employees, down from 267,720 a year ago.

"And this is the company that says it will create 96,000 jobs by buying out its competitor T-Mobile?  That's not likely."

Note: employment information here.

Note: The 96,000-job figure AT&T claims comes from a study that actually projects 96,000 job years -- big difference.  The study refers to "a job held for a single year," not creation of jobs.

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