Public Knowledge Defends FCC on AT&T Takeover Report

Background:  Earlier today, AT&T chief lobbyist Jim Cicconi complained on his company's blog about the treatment the company's takeover of T-Mobile received at the FCC.    That post is here.

 The following is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:


"The FCC staff report explains in meticulous detail why AT&T's claims on every issue were simply not credible.  The staff went into exhaustive analysis of AT&T's economic models, engineering plans, financial data and public statements to come up with its conclusion that the takeover is not in the public interest.

"Indeed, as staff repeatedly noted in their analysis, AT&T's claims, repeated again in its blog post, were contradicted by AT&T's own internal documents.  For AT&T to say that it did not receive a fair hearing before the Federal Communications Commission is ludicrous.  The Commission staff went out of its way to give AT&T every opportunity to make its case before concluding that the company had not done so.  And, as we have said, the Commission was fully within its rights and authority to release the staff report.

"It is time for AT&T to move on."


Public Knowledge is a Washington D.C.- based public interest group working to defend consumer rights in the emerging digital culture.  More information is available at

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