Public Knowledge Pleased With FCC Actions On Verizon/Cable Deal

The Federal Communications Commission today asked Verizon and its cable industry partners for detailed information surrounding the $3.9 billion sale of spectrum held by the cable companies to Verizon and about joint marketing agreements between Verizon and the cable partners.

The following statement is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and CEO of Public Knowledge:

"We are very pleased that the Commission is following an aggressive course in asking for more information for a deal that could create a new communications cartel in this country. 

"Verizon should be required to show whether it is going to have spectrum shortages.  Comcast should be required to provide plans to prove it actually considered entering the wireless business.  All of the companies should provide full documents to show the extent of the joint marketing arrangements.

"We remain concerned, however, that much of the information will be submitted under a protective order and not available for public inspection.  The Commission should make certain that a transaction like this, which could reshape the national broadband market, receives the closest scrutiny possible from the public."

Note: the orders seeking information have a March 8 deate, listed under the headings "Requests for Information" and "Letter Seeking Revised Submission of Documents" on this page:

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