Public Knowledge Site Helps Consumers Stay Under Wireless Data Caps, Avoid New Charges

Just in time for the National Football League playoffs, Public Knowledge today opened a new Website,, to help consumers stay under the usage caps imposed by wireless carriers.  The site is sponsored by PK, Mozilla Foundation and the Open Source Democracy Foundation.

The National Football League (NFL) has announced it would stream this weekend's wildcard games, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl to Verizon customers' mobile phones.  What Verizon didn't say, however, is that watching all of those games would exceed the cap on data usage the company has imposed, and would cost customers extra money.


Public Knowledge has warned about the hits to consumer pocket books in our report, "4G + Data Caps = Magic Beans.  PK and the Open Technology Initiative last May asked the FCC to investigate data caps generally.


With the new Web site, consumers will be able to better understand what their cap really means, and avoid expensive overcharges.  Michael Weinberg, PK staff attorney, said, "At top advertised speeds, consumers can use up an entire month’s worth of data in well under an hour.  It also means that using your device in ways your carrier touts in advertising will quickly drive you into expensive overcharge territory. This new site allows consumers to understand what their caps really mean and urge the FCC to ask hard questions about why the caps exist."


A blog post with more background on the site and the issue will be posted to the PK site. 

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