Public Knowledge Statement On New IP Enforcement Report

The following is attributed to John Bergmayer, senior staff attorney with Public Knowledge:

"We are pleased that the new report  from the Administration's Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator demonstrates a commitment to transparency in policymaking for intellectual property.

"Public Knowledge has consistently maintained that trade negotiations in particular, such as the current Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, need more participation from the public in their formulation.

"We are also pleased that the Coordinator confirmed the Administration's opposition to legislation 'that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecu­rity risk (including authority to tamper with the DNS system), or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.'

"At the same time, the report clearly shows that the content industries have a vast array of tools already at their disposal to enforce their rights, while the listing of enforcement cases also clearly shows the industries and the government have a world-wide reach when action is needed in any country in the world. 

"We remain extremely wary, however, of the reliance the report places on information regarding copyright industries as a source of information regarding infringement. Particularly in cases involving fair use, rights holders have not shown themselves to be reliable judges of infringement."

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