Public Knowledge Statement on LightSquared

The FCC and NTIA determined yesterday that LightSquared service will interfere with GPS service.

The following is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:

 "It is very unfortunate that the engineering studies did not find a clear way forward to bring much needed spectrum to the public on a wholesale basis. The number of contracts signed with LightSquared despite the doubts surrounding whether they would be able to provide service demonstrates the strong demand for some sort of non-discriminatory wholesale wireless service to support competition and innovation. While it is possible that a way forward may emerge from the comments in response to the FCC's public notice, it would appear that LightSquared will not fill this need for wholesale access any time soon.

"This development makes it all the more imperative that the FCC continue its work on GPS receiver standards, so that this valuable spectrum can ultimately be used to meet our ever-growing demand for terrestrial wireless services. In addition, the FCC should continue to explore new ways to promote wholesale access to wireless -- such as the pending Notice of Inquiry on dynamic secondary markets."

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