Saving the “Cop on the Beat” Federalist Society Style

If you are interested in learning more about the debate over the FCC's authority to protect broadband Internet users, you might want to check out this Federalist Society debate from March 3 featuring me and the very talented Helgi Walker, who argued the Comcast case. You will hear some of the myths I discussed in my previous post.

It's amazing how many people seem shocked that I would participate in a Federalist Society event not once, but twice over the past 5 months. But I would do it again and again. The intellectual debates are honest and substantive, not personal, and more than one Fed-Soc member has come up to me after speaking to say that I made them rethink their assumptions. Speaking in the echo chamber is boring and doesn't help me hone my advocacy skills. Note to companies and organizations we do battle with: Invite me to come and speak!

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