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D.C. Circuit Affirms FCC’s Open Internet Rules, Protects Net Neutrality for Consumers

June 14, 2016 , ,

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit released its opinion reviewing the Federal Communications Commission’s February 2015 decision to reclassify wireline and wireless broadband access service as a “Telecommunications Service” and to use the authority of Title II of the Communications Act to impose network neutrality rules. Public Knowledge supports an Open Internet, which is the idea that no Internet Service Provider should be able to block or throttle your connection to control your online experience.

The following may be attributed to Gene Kimmelman, President and CEO of Public Knowledge:

“Today, the Court of Appeals has affirmed the FCC's authority to protect consumers and innovation on the internet. This decision should lay to rest what has become a needlessly contentious issue. Now consumers will be assured the right to full access to the internet without interference from gatekeepers. We hope that rather than refight old battles, Congress and the industry will turn toward the problem of ensuring that all Americans have access to broadband that is 'fast, fair and open.'”

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