Press Release

Facebook Announces Changes to Privacy Settings in Response to Cambridge Analytica

March 28, 2018

Today, Facebook announced changes to its user privacy settings in response to last week’s report that Cambridge Analytica maintained copies of private data for 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge or content. The changes include a redesign of the settings menu on mobile devices, a privacy shortcuts menu, and improved data access and management for users.

The following can be attributed to Dylan Gilbert, Policy Fellow at Public Knowledge:

“It shouldn’t have taken the Cambridge Analytica fiasco to make Facebook’s privacy policy more transparent. Nevertheless, Facebook’s redesigned privacy menus and ‘Access Your Information’ feature are welcome steps forward to help consumers better understand and access their privacy options. Unfortunately, these modest changes do little to remedy a larger systemic problem. Online platforms currently lack meaningful legal incentives to protect users before their privacy is violated. Facebook similarly lacks business incentives to engage in responsible data collection because disgruntled advertisers don’t have anywhere comparable to go.

“Facebook’s updated privacy policy will not give consumers an effective means to redress any future harms that might occur from the misuse of data that they don't port away or delete, and Facebook can change its privacy policy and settings at any time. In addition, Facebook is not the only game in town; numerous online platforms collect tons of data without offering similar user control. We need a comprehensive legislative solution.”

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