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FCC Chairman Reiterates Net Neutrality Proposal at Cable Show

April 30, 2014 ,

Today, the Chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spoke at The Cable Show to address press reports that painted a dim picture for the future of net neutrality. 

The following can be attributed to Michael Weinberg, Vice President at Public Knowledge:

“We're pleased to see the Chairman recognize Title II as a legitimate option for going forward with strong net neutrality rules.  We are also encouraged to hear him reiterate his opposition to fast lanes on the internet, and his recognition that all Americans deserve access to a 'broadly available, fast and robust' web experiences.

“We welcome the debate that appears to be taking form in the proposal that the FCC will reveal on May 15.  We look forward to commenting on the record to prove that Title II is needed for strong net neutrality rules.

“It's hard to understand how the FCC's proposal, as reported, can allow avenues for paid prioritization and yet still serve as a pillar for net neutrality. Standards that allow the web to have two lanes, with one for preferred traffic, seem to go against the principles that the FCC and the Chairman himself have said they stand for. We look forward to working with the Commission in the coming months to demonstrate why  fast lanes are incompatible with net neutrality.”